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tv   The Early Show  CBS  October 8, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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school. >> remember, news and weather around the clock by visiting >> have a wonderful thursday, everybody. president obama's health care plan get as green light from the congressional budget office as a key bill not only payses for itself, but actually saves billions. >> this is game changing. >> but republicans say you're not getting the full picture. we'll hear from a xwchlt op lawmaker. new revelations this morning in the letterman scandal. was jealous rage the motive for the alleged shakedown? we'll have the latest about. a new family tree of michelle obama reveals stunning new details about her genealogy. is she the descend department of a child born to the slave. >> >> and he warned his neighbors it flee the wild fires an was trapped in his own hot it tub. >> we screamed just at the top of our lungs.
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>> was he reckless or a hero? meet him and decide. "early" this thursday morning meet him and decide. "early" this thursday morning october 8th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs good morning on this thursday. i'm maggie rodriguez with with harry smith. >> and dave is on the road somewhere. of course it was a week ago we gave him this mission, right, month w no way home. 50 bucks, his blackberry, no richard branson give you anywhere. and look at the swar thi dave. it looks like exhausted dave is with us this morning. hi, dave. >> good morning, harry. i don't know if you have any idea where i am this morning -- >> we don't. >> but i didn't make it as far as i wanted to. but i certainly had some warm --
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>> we see the central college cap there. very impressive. >> i don't want to say where i am or what i've done, but this is taking its toll, i'll tell you that. but i'll be with you in a little while and i'll tell you more about exactly where i am right now. >> we can hear and we can see it's taking its toll. >> he has to be back here tomorrow. >> i know. he has -- the down clock says one day, one hour and a few minutes. >> i'm going to go nap. but first the latest in ht battle over health care reform. this morning democratic leaders are cheering a report that shows that the senate finance committee's health care bill actually saves money. cbs news congressional correspondent nancy cordes is on capitol hill with the details. >> reporter: cheering and to be honest a little surprised this morning because those new numbers back from the congressional budget office show that this bill would ensure 30 million americans who aren't
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insured now and actually save the government money in the process. the knew bill would actually reduce the federal deficit by $81 billion according to the new estimates. the price tag, $829 billion over ten years would be fully paid for and then some by an excise tax on top dollar insurance plan, by fees on drug makers and medical device manufacturer, and more. that brings the tab in well below the president's $900 billion cutoff. >> the numbers that we received from cbo, frankly, are either -- exceed my expectations so we're very pleased. >> reporter: congress it the congressional budget office, the plan would boost the ranks of insured americans from 83% now to 94% in ten years. how? by mandating that everyone get insurance and providing subsidies to help lower income americans afford it.
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the bill would create nonprofit insurance cooperatives to compete with private insurance in a bid to bring prices down. >> the average family will have secure they don't have, they'll know they won't lose their insurance if they lose their job. if they need financial assistance paying for their health care, that will be available to them. >> reporter: but so far the new numbers have done little to sway republican opponents. >> if you take the years 2013 through 2023, you'll find that it's a very, very expensive bill. >> reporter: still, this lower price tag does make it easier to get this bill through committee and then the real work begins. they have to meld it with another senate bill that is more liberal, it contains a public option. so, maggie, all these numbers are likely to change yet again. >> and a big question, how does the price tag make since? >> reporter: it's a little bit mind boggling. it's because all the ways that
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the democrats have come up with to pay for this bill actually he said up being larger than the cost of the bill itself. all those fees, all the taxes on cadillac plans. and those cuts to medicare which democrats say are cuts in waste and republicans say are cuts in services. >> nancy cordes, thank you. let's ask a republican. joining us right now, one of the key players in the health care debate, eric cantor. good morning, congressman cantor. >> good morning. >> do you think that these tax increases, these fees, these cuts to medicare up front are a reasonable price to pay for health care reform? won't we have to give up something to make this happen? >> maggie, let's look at it. the claims that we're saving $81 billion by spending $829 billion, you know, you can say that if you want to go ahead and really rob peter to pay paul. and that's exactly what's going on here. the way that they are expanding coverage is by taxing employers,
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is by taxing those of us who have insurance, and, frankly, to the stune of $500 billion. and they're adding on top of that $400 billion worth of cuts to medicare, which that will mean seniors will have less opportunity, less benefit, less ability to choose the kind of health care that they want. and this is not the kind of health care reform that will actually bring down costs that will provide coverage to all americans. right away this congressional budget office says that we'll still have 7% or 8% of americans who are uninsured over a ten year period. again, this bill is going to cost on average $30,000 for each individual to be insured as a significant cost in terms of levying new taxes on those people who are insured and on employers. >> down that it would be you've democrats as karl rove suggested to give up this fight for health
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care reform because it's facing growing opposition or face the same fate that they faced in '94 when they lost control of congress? >> maggie, what i think would be you've us all in this country is to see if we in congress can try to work together for a change. in the house as you know, the bill that would make its way to the floor will most likely have what speaker pelosi continues to insist is a public option. that has been resoundingly rejected by the american people. and so today i'm going to sit down with majority leader hoyer and try look at the things that we can agree upon. because we as republicans in the house want to reject the notion of the government takeover and we want to stop the government from getting in between patients and their doctors and try focus on the kinds of things that can help people have better access at a lower cost. >> congressman eric cantor, everyone hopes that you can find middle ground here. thank you very much. >> thank you, maggie. david letterman's trying to move past the extortion scandal
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that he joked about earlier this week. but we are now learning more this morning about the late show staffer who reportedly had an affair with letterman and lived with his alleged black hailer. cbs news correspondent bianca solorzano is with us live in the studio with who are. good morning. >> good morning. there are reports this morning that jealousy and rage may have been what triggered the alleged extortion plot glens david letterman. >> reporter: today's new york "post" quotes sources as saying cbs news producer joe halderman caught his live-in girlfriend stephanie birkitt making out with david letterman as recently as august. the post says it happened while they were in letterman's car parked in the driveway of halderman's home. he on which drove his 34 assistant to the home which she shared with halderman. with rumors swirling that birkitt had been banned from the late show set, sources at the "late show" tell cbs news she is actually on a paid leave of
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absence and the allegation that she's been banned from the building is completely untrue. halderman is free on $200,000 bail awaiting a november 10th court appearance on grand larceny charges. yesterday he was approached by reporters at his home for a statement. he said "i know you have a job to do. i might as well make it easy on you guys. it's a beautiful day. i have some errands to run. ". >> did you notice how much wind we had earlier today? thank god i'm wearing my eddie bower hair piece with velcro. >> reporter: and the new york "post" reports halderman and birkitt broke up a short time after that alleged august incident. harry. >> >> thanks so much. let's get more news thousand. russ mitchell is at the news desk. good morning, everybody. a you powerful car bomb was detonated in afghanistan's capital this morning outside the indian embassy. at least 12 people were killed and more than 80 wounded. president obama meets again with his top advisers to consider a change of strategy in
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afghanistan. a change that may include renewed foe can cuss on al qaeda. cbs news senior white house correspondent bill plante has more. >> reporter: good morning. in the president's war cabinet sessions, another one coming up tomorrow, the discussion over how to tackle afghanistan has reached a point where there are many on the inside who are leaking information suggesting that they would like to see a middle way of split the difference. it's the increasing violence like today's suicide bombing in kabul that's prompted the administration to consider a shift in strategy. the president huddled with his national security team yesterday and this morning the "new york times" reports the administration is leaning towards shifting the focus of the fight to pakistan and al qaeda. thinking al qaeda poses a direct threat to the u.s. the president's advisers argue it's impossible to separate the two. mcchrystal says he needs an additional 40,000 troops to be successful. in a aes today gallon loss pup
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out this morning, 0 purse believe more than troops should be sent to afghanistan. the president hasn't committed and some lawmakers are pressing for a decision. >> our troops are waiting for an answer. the afghan people are wagt. our enemy, the taliban, is not waiting. >> reporter: an answer is still probably weeks away and we should add that never mind the leaks, there is still no decision. the new usa today gallup poll shows that 62% of the american people believe that military advice like that that's been made public from general stanley mcchrystal should be given in private to the commander in chief. >> bill plant at the white house. thank you very much. there was panic in the south pacific after strong earthquakes rocked the region thorn. four erupted off the island of vanuatu. but there were only small waves. in gentleman poon a major typhoon drenched the island. streets were flooded and dozens
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of homes were damaged. at least two were killed. more than 11,000 were evacuated. and you know the one about herds cats. how about flying sheep? it's an annual event. shepherds have to use every way they can think of to gather their wayward flocks in the fall. take a look at that. that's interesting. got on get it -- got to get it done. dave's still away as you pointed out earlier, so i get another crack at weather. >> and the e-mail has just been amazing in my office anyway. >> it has been amazing. >> a resounding positive, really terrific. >> and there was something extra in my check today, do you believe that? >> really. >> good for you. smart guy. let's today check's weather. scattered showers and thunderstorms will keep it soggy in the deep south today. look for temperatures there to remain rather warm for this time of year. we'll also be on the mild side
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throughout the northeast. sunny skies and gusty winds will continue for much of the day. the west coast will be nice and sunny and in the northern rockieses, it it will be much colder with snow showers popping up across the area this afternoon. >> head me ask you this. you're not just making this up, are you since you're the news guy? >> i am almost smooth at this, it would almost think that i'm reading it off a cue card. almost think that. and that's your late he is
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news and weather sans bonus. back to maggie about. >> very shoothing voice, russ, i like it. coming up next, tracing michelle obama's roots from slavery to the white house in just five generations. and later, parents are more confused than ever about the h1n1 vaccine, or so it seems. we'll bring down fact from fiction this morning. and he hid in a hot tub to save himself from the massive wildfire and now his neighbors say he saved them, too. we'll meet the hot tub hero. it's not always easy living with copd, but i try not to let it hold me back... whether i'm at the batting cages... down by the lake or... fishing at the shore. i'm breathing better... with spiriva. announcer: spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled maintenance treatment for both forms of copd, which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. i take it every day. it keeps my airways open... to help me breathe better all day long.
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a health insurance ceo lives here. this year he'll make $57,000 an hour. another family used to live here before they filed for bankruptcy. 62% of personal bankruptcies are caused by medical debt. this man is living his dream while this family lives a nightmare. if the insurance companies win, you lose. we need good health care we can afford with the choice of a public health insurance option. this morning we're learning fascinating deit tails of michelle obama's roots. today's "new york times" traces her family's five generation path from slavery to the white
7:18 am
house. we're joined this morning by megan smolenyak who uncovered mrs. obama's family tree. >> good morning. >> we knew for certain that on her father's side of the family that it traced back to slavery, but there were rumors on her mother's side. how did you make the connection and who was the key person? >> well, i'll tell you, i worked back generation by generation, but of all her ancestors, the one who called me the most loudly was a great, great, great grandmother. and she was just fascinating. for example, i found where she's first mentioned, she's only six years old and in that document, her first owner, david patterson, is leaving her to his wife when he passes away. >> i mean, there is the actual will and testament. and this little girl is named, she's six years old. she's also listed in another -- it is listed as a piece of property. what is her value? >> $475.
7:19 am
the fellow who owned her died two years later and she was part ofn inventory of his estate and she's listed as $475. >> so she goes from this bigger plantation then to a smaller plantation. >> right. she got sent to his daughter down in georgia and obviously that was against her will. so this is h she winds up with the shields family. >> the daughter was married to a shields. >> right. >> is is it clear she had four children, correct? >> probably more, but she had four when she lived in this particular place, yeah. and it's interesting the 1870 census, we see her with her children. she's living next door to a member of that shields people that once owned her. >> and the children are mixed race but we have no idea who the father is. >> the first good guess would be somebody from the shields family, but we don't know that. >> one of her children is named dalphus and this guy ends up
7:20 am
owning property, having a business and a somewhat prominent member of birmingham. >> yes, opened his own carpentry shop, owneded his own home by 1900, which back then put in context very few people owned their own homes. >> phenomenal distance he traveled. and on the day he dies in the early 1950s, his funeral notice is listed on the front page of the black birmingham, alabama newspaper on the same day that desegregation or we should say rules against jim crow laws were illegal by the supreme court. >> astonishing he was born into slavery, he lives along enough to see the baby steps of desegregation, and a descendant of his would wind up in the white house. >> so he was michelle obama's great, great grandfather. >> absolutely, yes. >> there you go. when people find these kinds of documents, especially
7:21 am
african-americans, what does it mean to them? >> it's different to different people. you have to prepare yourself for it, but most people just want to find the truth. >> what a truth to unfold. thank you so very much for your hard work. what detective work. do appreciate it. thank you. up next, where is dave and can he get back by tomorrow? its eye turning in to a cliff hanger. we'll be right back. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by chase. into dutying chase brew print. a better way to pay. learn more at pribts. th a way to plan for what matters to you. introducing blueprint. blueprint is free and only for chase customers. it lets you choose what purchases you want to pay in full to avoid interest...with full pay. and those you split...
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still ahead on "the early show," you'll meet julius goff who ran through 50 to # 00 foot flames during the california
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"but it looks pretty nasty outside" (announcer) grands at only $0.25 a biscuit you'll find any excuse to eat in
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♪ >> they turned up look like that in the united states -- >> this was no laughing matter for harry connick jr. and you can understand why he's upset. me a guest appearance on an australiantal leptd show where a group did a jackson five parody in black face. he voiced his displeasure. it got worse after that. we'll have more on his reaction just a bit. also coming up here f us, even though the h 1 n is flu virus blamed for the deaths of dozens ever children in this country, a lot of parents are still afraid of the vaccine. about half of parents definitely
7:31 am
want their children to get it. we started to talk about this yesterday with dr. ashton. we just scratched the surface so we'll answer some more of your questions this morning. but first, when a massive wildfire tore through southern california eli's angeles nation forest, residents were ordered to get out 37 one man who intention hi stayed hint was later ridiculed by the government p bill whitaker reports we're hearing a different story. >> reporter: these days julius goff's neighbors call him -- >> hot tub hero. that's his new name around town. >> reporter: it's the largest fire in l.a. county history bearing down on his tiny canyon community, goff hop order this atv and went door to door warning and helping ten of his neighbors to get to safety. >> if i would have stayed here, i don't think i would be sitting here talking to you. >> reporter: but when he went to his house to get his roommate, the wild pir became a monster
7:32 am
and trapped them with 50-foot flames. >> it was like a war zone down here. >> sounds like hell. >> it was. >> reporter: the heat so intense his skin began to blister. their only hope, to run for a hot tub some 30 yards away. >> the minute we stepped outside that door, it was so hot the only thing we coukocould do was scream. we screamed at the top of our lungs. >> reporter: saved by a hot tub. but as goff lay in the hospital with third degree burns over half of his body, he heard the governor and fire officials on tv call himhe prime example of what can happen to those who ignore evacuation orders. >> i don't want to die. i got a 10-year-old son. i don't want to die. >> so why did you do it? >> because my friends were down here. were the bill whitaker, cbs news. julius goff is still recovering from his injuries. he and his neighbor, trevor pullen, join us live from haenks. good morning. >> good morning. >> julius, it's been a little
7:33 am
more than a month since this ordeal. how are your burns, how is that recovery going? >> it's slow. it's painful. i'm really sore. horrific nightmares. i have nightmares you wouldn't believe. and i got a lot of good friends that are supporting me after i got out. >> you had severe burns, horrific nightmares, you lost your house. if you had this to do over, julius, would you? >> evening i would. if my friends were down there and in the position that i was put in, because i work for the forestry, i volunteer to open and close gates in the evening and in the morning. so i would do it again if my friends were down there, yes. >> trevor, as one of your friends and neighbors, one of people that you saved, what do you have to say to julius this morning, trevor? >> thank you ultimately.
7:34 am
he's the best friend i've ever had. he saved not only just me, many people down there. the only thing he was not worried about himself that morning, he was worried about getting everyone else and their stuff out safely and lost everything he owns and almost his life due to that and all i have to say is thank you very much, brother. >> you're in a wheelchair, trevor. have you ever thought about what would have happened if julius hadn't come along? >> absolutely. this fire was very the community because it was not really brought to our attention how serious it was until very close to it when it got to us. so i was going to stay. julius is the one that got me out. so like i said earlier, i don't think i probably would have made it being in a wheelchair because
7:35 am
i wouldn't have paep able to run to a ntmen, that the governor and other fire officials disagree with your version of the story. they said they not only gave you plenty of warning about the severity of the fire, they issued a mandatory evacuation order. and julius, they say that you are, in fact, an example of what happens when you don't listen, you get us into trouble. what do you say to that? >> i say they're wrong because the fire department, we worked together all day long that morning and they told all of us, reassured us that you don't have nothing to on worry about because i walked around with the fire department all morning. they said we're going to have a fire engine in front of each and every house and where were they? where were they some we didn't have no helicopter, no airplanes, no nothing. they could have stopped this fire. and now we have a bigger police on our hands because the floodwaters are coming. and it's just -- it could have been prevented. we've had fires there before.
7:36 am
they put vos checks on both sides and the fire went right by us. so no reason for this to happen. >> we wish you well in your recovery. trevor, thank you, as well, so much. >> thank you. coming up next, can dave make it home in the next 24 hours? we'll check in with him and we'll give you the latest on the h1n1 vaccine and children when we return. ndition that can take so much out of you. i feel like i have to wind myself up just to get out of bed. then...well... i have to keep winding myself up to deal with the sadness, the loss of interest, the trouble concentrating, the lack of energy. if depression is taking so much out of you, ask your doctor about pristiq®. (announcer) pristiq is a prescription medicine proven to treat depression. pristiq is thought to work by affecting the levels of two chemicals in the brain, serotonin and norepinephrine. tell your doctor right away if your depression worsens or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior, or thoughts of suicide.
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time to check fwhak with dave who has been on the road this week for his big challenge, "dave price: no way home." it was six days ago that he start the out in sabt monica with just 50 bucks and had to find many resourceful ways to get back here by tomorrow at 9:00. >> dave, we -- do you not have a lot of time left. first, i'm not going -- i'm going to say how do you feel? we know what you look like. how do you feel and where are you? >> well, i'm in minneapolis/st.
7:40 am
paul. i didn't get as far as i wanted to last night and i don't know how we're going to to get hole. we made a decent amount of cash, butt airfares out of here are expensive and we've got a lot of ground to cover, so we're a little bit panicked. >> that's a lateral move. >> you're supposed to go e right? >> no, no, a couple of things. airfares were really expensive out of des moines and the bus didn't match up with the trains in chicago. so -- and then i got an offer for a ride and i just had to take it at the end of the day. and this it woman was a god accepted. so let's go through the maps. by the way, as far as i feel, i feel like i hook. but if my parents are watching, i'm really just fine and i just need a hot coffee. all right. we start off in santa monica. pat gave us a ride to orange county. the mcclains lanes took me to las vegas. the murder mets took me in their win b go to arizona write met
7:41 am
oscar who brought me in his 18 wheeler. met up with the hanson brothers at the balloon festival and took me all the way to colorado springs where hal fishman who initially said no and hen said why took me from colorado springs to denver. fretta and her sisters brought me to highlands ranch. nat let me drive around the ranch with him. fred and stacey brought me to auro aurora, colorado. i met up with the people in fr denver auto auction. i wept to do da money. but i stopped at the fiji house in lincoln because i couldn't drive anymore. i partied with those guy, went to work for omaha steaks, met sue last night and her two here and then look, this is -- >> your mind is so sharp still. somehow that possible? >> i'm reading it off a card, this. re you out of your mind is >> now makes sense. >> i had no options. i staded in e conference room
7:42 am
of wcco last might. >> when all else fails. the affiliates are awesome 7. >> i feel so foredave. he looks like it's been a rough week. >> what was 9 big twitter thing? a lot of people have been in touch with you by twitter. twitter saved your life >> i got tell you, they've been all over thelace. sue twittered me at 3:00 this morning when she got back to des moines. this morning people are offering me help in pennsylvania. an elementary school offering me help and a guy in a small plane saying if i can go to the sirrus factory, he'll fly me part way east. >> we'll check back with you in a bit. if you would like to help dave get home, he really needs to be here by tomorrow at 9:00. e-mail help or tweet him. twitter has been huge. >> if dave doesn't get back, are the penal city russ continues to give the weather. >> the penalty for who? >> for the view sner i'm kidding about sglp i agree. but let's go there anyway. here's today's weather. showers and thunderstorms spreading aks cross the deep south this afternoon. gusty winds will continue for
7:43 am
the northeast. and snow showers will be scattered across the nthern rockies. the city of denver will see its first snow. the other end of the spectrum, new orlean and that's your latest weather. back over to harry. up next, why are so many parents saying they won't let their kids get the h1n1 vaccine? we'll tell if you their concerns are valid when we come back. it's gotta be in here somewhere.
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ithis morning's flu watch, participants eye concerns over the vaccine. more than 60 children in the united states have died from the h1n1 virus, so health officials say kids should be among the first to receive the vaccine, but a new harvard school of public health poll shows nearly half of parents are not really ready to have their children vaccinated. let's bring in our dr. jennifer ashton. >> the first wave of the vaccine consists of 2.4 million doses of the nasal mist. the injection vaccine is expected to arrive by next week. now, the cdc stands behind the safety of the vaccine, but some parents are still worried. across the country, parts are king questions like in los angeles, california, where doctors began administering the vaccine yesterday. >> lied i'd like to know what the difference is between the regular flu vaccine and what's
7:48 am
inside of that versus what's in the h1n1 vaccine. >> and in dallas, texas, where 700 dosesecame ailable on monday. >> i have a 13-year-old and a 10-year-old and my concerns are that i gave my kids the live flu mist and theyoth got sick like the next day. so i was wondering with the swine flu live mist, is it going to happen again? >> and in new york city where kids were among the first to receive the vaccine on tuesday. >> if my children are given the vaccine being i'm wondering what the si effects will be and i haven't been able to find out any kind of clear information on that. >> the can news is we have the answers now to all of hose questions. >> let's go to the first one. and that's that idea of are the ingredients in the h1n1 vaccine different than the regular seasonal flu vaccine. exactly the same. the only difference betwee h 1 m 1 and seasonal fl is the and, again, officials have told you us if h 1 m 1 had started in january instead of april, it
7:49 am
would be part of the seasonal vaccine. >> the other one, that second question from dallas, can the child get the flu from the nasal version? >> no. it does contain a live but weakened form of the influenza virus, but it's very rare to actually get full blown influenza from that nasal mist. you can get a little stuffy nose, a little flu-like symptoms, but not the actual influenza. >> and the final question, the >>w york city one, side effects. side effects usually short term are just redness at the injection site, but, parents are worried about long term. the vaccine seems to bear out that it's pretty safe. >> all right, thanks. 'll be right back. %. >> announcer: "cbs health watch" sponsored by the florida department of citrus. in a orange juice. healthy, pe and simple. and my hands
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sinking sensation harry connick jr. goes off on an australian tv show after seeing a musical act perrm in black face. >> if they turned up looking hatlike tn the unid states -- >> oh, ah. >> outrage andwe'll bring you t. a sequel like no other? love never dies, the long awaited follow-up to phantom of the opera oig is on its way to broadway. we'll hear from andrew lloyd webber. >> and dave has one more day and a long way tgo. we'll see what he's up to in anyone minute "early" this thursday morning october 8th, anyone minute "early" this thursday morning october 8th, 2000 9d. captioning funded by cbs
8:01 am
interesting cast of characters today on the plaza. >> a lot of enthusiasm. >> there and he a guy with a minnesota sign. that's where dave is. that's a long way to go. i don't know, harry. >> i want to hear that minnesota. >> minnesota. don't you know. welcome back, everybody. i want to let all of you guys, especially these school girls who look very fashionable from london, i want to let you in on agent fashion secret. stores have simple sales. things that are really pricey, they have to get ridf inventory, so they slash the prices. they can be tricky. it's in the like shopping at a mall. 's a whole different set of rules shopping at sample sale.
8:02 am
>> so you need to know your stuff ahead of time? >> sample sale 101. are you enrolled in that course? very good. and there will an quiz later, too. first, let's go inside, russ mitchell is at the news desk. good morning. we're learning the details in the cost of the senate finance committee's health care reform plan. the congress at budget office says it will reduce the federal deficit while expanding coverage. the cbo estimates the measure would cost $829 billion over ten years, that's below the $900 billion limit set pie president obama. it would reduce is the deficit by $81 billion while expanding coverage to 94% of all americans. a yus tis department survey finds that more than 6 in 10 youngsters are exposed to violence daily, at school, at home or some between. last month's beating death of a high school student caught on video drew federal officials to chicago yesterday. the education secretary said it's up to grown ups to stop the
8:03 am
violence. >> every adult shares in this responsibility. every adult needs to connect. because all children need adults in their lives. it starts with parents, but always continues of others. teacher, coach, mentors an friends. >> also, attorney general eric hoer says young victims of violence often become tomorrow's cripples. new hampshire police say a young girl was seriously injed during a home invasion that left her mother dead managed to call 911, possibly before the attack was over. police have arrested four teenager, one a former boy out, iolved in the break-some sunday. the two are charged with murder and attempted murder. they apparentlyhose the home at random. the girl suffered multiple stab wounds and had emergency surgery and is recovering in boston hospital. li jnson is getting ready for his close skrup. the father of sarah palin's grandson is preparing for his aparance some "playgirl"
8:04 am
magazi. johnston is said to be hitting the m six times a week in order to buff up for his photo spread. harry connick jr. was angered and embarrassed when he agreed to judge an australian talent show. he judged one of thes distasteful. richard, good morning. >> reporter: the fallout from the australian tv show this morning ranges from complaints there's too much political correctness to criticism it made australia look like the land that time forgot. >> the rolled down from sydney and simply called the jackson jive. >> reporter: the sikts performers on the australian variety show were all physicians and this was actually a repeat appearance ♪ contract 20 years ago as medal students, they mocked the jackson five and apparently no one noticed. this time cebrity judge harry connick jr. rated the group eye
8:05 am
talent zoo reand its taigs appag. >> man, if they turned up looking like that in the united states -- >> reporter: despite an apparent cultural divide with some of the other judges, after a commercial break, the program's host returned expressing regret. >> i think we may have offended you with that and i deeply apologize. >> i know it wase humanrously, but we've spent so ch te trying to not make black people look like bufoons, that we take to heart. >> reporter: conic said if he'd known about the skit in the advance, he wouldn't have bn on the show. but he's not givinp his job as a judge on the proam. and its producers assuring there was month intent to cause offee say the broadcast was a ratings hit. >> ricrd roth in london. thank youery much. right now katie couric has a preview of tonight's c"cbs evening news". even in a recession? people still believe there's a market for love. we'll take you to a town in
8:06 am
ireland where americans are fining that old school match making beats online dating every time. so that story and more tonight only on the c"cbs evening news" in that how back to "the early show." it is coming up on 8:06, so let's check today's weather. scattered showers and thunderstorms will keep t dhep south soggy toy. look for temperatures to remain rather warm for this time of year. it will also be on the mild side roughout the northeast. sunny skies and gusty winds will continue for much of the day. the west coast will remain nice and sunny and in the northern iet wille much colder wicattered snow showers popping up
8:07 am
>> announcer: this weather report sponsored by walmart. save money, live better. walmart. that's your hate ets news and weather. he's maggie. thank you. where are you? come on in. >> here you y go. >> hi. coming up next being we'll check is there really no way home for him? we'll find t how he's doing and how he got to mi when we come back. >> nice hat. >> nice beard. walmart checks other stores' prices so we can save on all our game time favorites. and if there is a better price out there, ey'll even match it. whicans come game time... ...i'm just as ready as he is. game time costs less at lmart. save money. live better.
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bad cholesterol and raise good. crestor is proven tolow the buildup of plaque in arteries. crestor isn't for everyone, like people th liver disease, or women who are nursing, pregnant, may bece pregnant. simple blood testsill check for liver problems. you should tell your doctor about other medicines you're taking or if you have muscle pain or weakness. that could be a sign of serious side efcts. learn more about plaque buildup at then ask your do if it's time for crestor. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. the clock is ticking on dave this morni. our favorite wandering weather man has just over 24 hours to go in our special series "dave price: no way home." >> he had 50 bucks and a backpack and we challenged him to get all the way home in one
8:11 am
week from santa monica, california. we've seen that he's been making slow butteady progress. albuquerque on nday, denver on tuesday, omaha yesterday, and this morning minneapolis. dave, how are you? how did you get there shall. >> i got here by the grace of the one up stair, i'll tell you that.? shall. >> i got here by the grace of the one up stair, i'll tell you that.>> i got here by the grace the one up stair, i'll tell you that. we all dream of that great road trip out on the highway not knowing which way you're going to head, all this week i've been trying to get back it to you guys in new york and i've traveled by every means available. but one thing that really helps you connect on a trip like this is the people you meet, the people you run some to along the way. because it's through them that i've had the opportunity to really appreciate america. ♪ i've been everywhere, man reporter: my trip so far has been incredible. i have met tonses of great
8:12 am
people, i've seen plenty of beautiful country. but the one thing i haven't had enough of is sleep. maybe that's because i've had to bed down in not so comfortable places like in a jeep. good might. or next to an outside hotel swimming pool. the fun continues. and the night before last, i was in a frat house cleaning their bathroom. i mean, how much sleep can you expect to get in a frat house? i should are gone to a sorority. so it's not surprising that i've started feeling thoroughly exhasted. i've driven like 700 miles and i need sleep. i picked up a car in denver that i was being paido drive and deliver to a car dealer all the way in granger, iowa. by the time i arrived, it would have taken a brass band to lift my spirits. ♪ fortunately that's exactly what i found waiting for me.
8:13 am
i love this. "the early show" is big in granger, iowand at whole high school band and the cheer leading squad turned out to welcome me. i mean, where do you get this? this is -- i mean, this is the fun of traveling in america. look at this. thank you guys so much for coming out. is tt your school bus over there? anyway that can take me to chicago? so the marching band came in and they were so nice to greet me and they also then had had if you said raiser for me. that's what they're calling it. and they gave me $12. and then after that fund-raiser, they told me this is in exchange for loading their band instruments on to a pickup. this this should break the way back, but hopefully i'll be on my way out of town and nobody will be able to charge me. the kids were great, the music terrific, but once the band left, i was again overwhelmed by
8:14 am
fatigue. ♪ i'm so tired ♪ honest lirks i was feeling sorry for myself and i had no idea how i was really going to get home. then i met sue, who offered me a ride. she said unfortunately, she had plenty of time on on her hands. >> they completely did away with the animal control unit. >> reporter: could you to budget cut, sue recently lost her job taking care of stray animals. >> it's the only thing i've done as an adult. sorry. i'm without a job and i'm almost 60. so the reality is that i probably won't have a good job again. >>eporter: i was going to at that time overnight bus to minneapolis tonight. why don't we go together instead. i got some cash and we'll go grab dinner. this is also what being on the road is about. two strangers brought together because they need one another.
8:15 am
♪ two drifters off to see the world ♪ >> reporter: will i that i can home tomorrow?know. but either way, i'm okay with it. ♪ after the same rainbow's end ♪ waiting round the bend, moon river and me ♪ what a dear woman sue was. and what a gem of a person to run into like so many of the other people i've met across america this week. >> you're getting choked up, dave. >> look at you. >> you know what, it's probably from being overtired, but
8:16 am
there's so many -- there's so manyice people out there. some of whom watch the shows, others who have no idea who we are. and everyone's willing to lend a helping hand. and it's been such a suring trip for me. and you guys know, i travel all the time for the show. >> but we so often fly over the country. we don't just wander through it. >> right. >> very different deal. how are you going to get home, pal? >> i don't know at this point. i got to tell you, the head of cbs new just e-mailed me, are you going to make it. i don't know. the bus and the train schedules don't jive. it's a 27 hour trip from here. the airline tickets are expensive. i don't know if i'm going to have enough of an opportunity to work to pay for that and then i got to get it the airport. i don't know. i've got to rejig it and hopefully people will tweet and we'll figure it out. and you know what, if i don't
8:17 am
make it home tomorrow, so what? i'll make it home monday. if i don't make it home monday, so what? russ mitchell is there. he can do my job forever. >> somebody suggested i come pick you up and bring you back, they miss you so much. >> we'll find out if we'll see dave tomorrow. we'll check in with you wherever you you happen to be. great stuff all this week. really good job out there. >> thanks, dave. and you can follow dave's path on our special wee, way home. . >> it's changed him. it's nice. dock up next being everybody's looking for a bargain. we'll help you navigate the world of sample sales here on "the early show." (announcer) fall in love with color... ...all over again. (announcer) maybelline redefines plum. (whisper) the color of elegance (announcer) new color sensational from maybelline new york. (announcer) pure pigments for richer, crisper color. honey nectar for our most luscious feel. new color sensational. (whisper) maybe it's maybelline. take centrum cardio.
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8:19 am
when retailers have too much merchandise, they often use sample sales to get rid of it and you can find great kroeting at half the price or less, but these sales are often crowded
8:20 am
and confusing, so vera gibbons is here with some advice. thank you so much. these are becoming more and more popular. >> you're seeing more of them for sure, particularly around the big cities. takes way for the retailers to unload the excess merchandise, make way for the new stuff. and luxury spending is down, so there's all this excess merchandise they need to move at a significant discounts. >> number one, what you actuall wear to shop matters. >> it's crazy in there. the lines can be ridiculous. also a lot of pushing and shoving. so you want to agrees comfortably. we have sort of a prototype of what you want to wear. elastic band pants, a tank top, something you can easily get around in, easy access on, off, on which times this aren't even dressing rooms so you have to slip stuff on. so keep it simple. cannot retur.
8:21 am
>> no return, no exchanges. it used to be just women's wear, now we've got kids', men's, children's. house wear, brutity products. and the prices are good. that kid's out fit, $15 for the jeans, $10 for the top. this lovely suit, it's all designer, $75 suit that retails for $200. kashmir socashmere socks. this is just the stuff that we found. >> so how do i find one this my community? >> if and you have favorite designer, should you contact them and find out when the sample sales are. generally with the smallers they're couple times a year or there are great online resources as well. people love daily candy daul. you can find out what's going on in any city and how much of a discounts you can expect to get. >> and you can shop online, you don't have to go physical tlly a sample sale.
8:22 am
>> yes. there are sites, they have about a mill i don't know members right now. membership is free and you're talking about hundreds of name brands at significant discounts. >> if it says this is a sample sale, do you trust it? >> i don't trust too much of anything, so true sample sale prices are below wholesale, less than half off suggested retail. if they're not, then it's not that great a deal. you can probably do better at a luxury discounter or even one of these outlets. >> but can you negotiate the price at a sample sale or is it final? >> not online, but you can negotiate when you go physically to one of these sites that hold the sales. and if you have a lot of stuff, maybe $600, maybe say would you do $500. toward the end of the sale, they might go if it. certainly people are negotiating for just about anything and it doesn't hurt to ask. >> thank you for that have more information, go to our website which is
8:23 am
still to come, there's a sequel to phant"phantom of the " and it's coming to america. we'll tell you about it after your local news. ♪ the choice in this election for governor is really pretty simple: do we move virginia forward by continuing the pro-business economic policies that i helped put in place... or do we go backwards with the failed economic approach that ruined our economy? creigh deeds knows keeping taxes low and controlling spending is the right way to keep virginia
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8:30 am
nice crowd out here. a bunch of very interesting people from all walks of the earth even all the way to chattanooga, tennessee all the way on the end. >> it's freezing for them today. it's warm in chattanooga. >> weather man now. >> exactly. >> we never talk about adopting animals on t"the early show." i can't think of a single segment that we've ever done about that. >> that would be unusual. >> except like last week three days and, you know -- >> because look at this face. how can can you not?
8:31 am
>> and what do you think that is? >> this is a lab mix. sometimes you don't want to be about the origin of the species. that's so cute. >> i fall in love here multiple times a week when you guys bring them. >> there's over 150 eventses going on this week to celebrate adoption. >> is that a stray dog behind you, too? >> this one might be too big to fit in your apartment. >> maybe. >> new york week for theexplain. >> thanks for coming. nice seeing everyone on the plaza. coming up, phantom off the opera has run for 20 years on broadway. it's only made $700 million. . >> that's tough. >> this morning andrew lloyd webber said there will be a
8:32 am
sequel coming. it was a big secret but you're about to find out all about it. also just ahead, thousand have style. amanda brooks of is ready to help you redefine your personal style an figure out just how you want to project yourself to the world. also coming up, chef cookbook author tv star ming tsai will show us how to cook four asian inspired dishes. >> he says he used to come by all the time, so i said today is the start of a new ming dynasty. >> very good. >> so you haven't done weather outside this week. this is a new challenge. >> this is a different climate for me. >> let me see if you can move around a little bit. >> yeah, interact with the crowd. >> do like dave, walk away here some dancing grannies over here. we have the art institute of ft. lauderdale. we got these guys down here, look at this, we got a great crowd here on the plaza. let's check today's weather. it's going to be soggy across much of the deep south.
8:33 am
i can't do all had stuff at once. gusty winds continue. the teleprompter ran away. gusts as high as 50 miles an hour. scattered snow showers will be developing over the northern rockies and it remains sunny and warm along the west coast. there's a teleprompter, i don't quite have the dave price thing down.
8:34 am
that he's your latest weather and now here's harry. cryonics is a controversial science involving freezing human remains. its believers hope one day those remains can be brought back to life. now a former employee of america's largest cryonics center is speaking up claiming that he witnessed bizarre and unbelievable acts while he was working there. >> reporter: arz arz based alcor is the worldwide leader in cryonics, said to house corporations including the remains of ted williams. >> he swings and there's a line drive. >> reporter: frozen to minus 321 degrees, all at a cost of about $120,000 each. larry johnson, a former chief operating officer at alcor, says in a knew book that williams corpse was mistakenly decapitated and gruesomely
8:35 am
mistreated. through secretly recorded conversations and photos on takened by jop son, he also alleges the company participated in the premature deaths of two alcor clients who were close to dying. >> so what did dough, did he just -- >> he killed her. >> reporter: alcor denies any wrongdoing and released a statement about the claims made in john so that's book, in part it says alcor is a nonprofit organization, a pioneer in the field of cryonics and categorically kens the false allegations contained in mr. john isn't's book. and larry johnson is with us this morning, his controversial new book is called "frozen." he's with us live in the studio this morning. so you had an interesting career including being a trained emergency medical technician. why did you go to work at cry onices? >> like you said, i'd been a paramedic for about 25 year, very investigationful business. i was on the edge of burn squout. i've always been interested in biological research. and i saw this as an opportunity
8:36 am
to get into that field. that's how i can about a alcor. >> so you go work at alcor and typically what was their method for freezing these corpses? >> they would have a member, a member of alcor, would pass away, would die. they would bring that individual to the facility and begin the cooldown process. depending on what option you would take depends on what they do to you. if you at that time whole body option, they freeze your whole body. if you want the head only option, they just friz the head. >> so it was quite common for them to decapitate the corpses? >> that's correct. >> did you go to work there before ted williams was brought there or of a? >> i went to work there about six months after. >> and you allege that you saw his corpse being mishandled? >> i saw his head. what happens is they had had his head in one looked like a freezer chest, and it was malfunctioning, there was some
8:37 am
issues. so they wanted to move his head into another vessel to lower the temperature of his head down it minus 321 fahrenheit, so they went to put his head in that vessel. it's round, it won't sit up right, so they got a tuna fish can, set the head on top of the can and then filled the vessel with liquid nitrogen. of a two or three days of being in that state, when they pull you out that can is stuck to the top of the head and williams' case, that's exactly what happened. they pulled him out, the tuna can was stuck on the top of his head, a technician grabbed a monkey wrench, are took a swing at the can, missed it, missed the can, hit the head, drawed back again, a second stwiwing, the can, sent it flying across the room. >> gruesome. >> i've seen some pretty horrible things. >> did you go to the head of alcor, did you go to the police department, for instance, and say there's crazy stuff going
8:38 am
on? >> i didn't go to the police. i did uncover some incidents where there were questionable deaths. >> you allege people who were prematurely passed on. >> absolutely. i have knowledge of two. i have solid evidence of one in the form of tape recordings. i wired myself to get that on tape that they were actually oout niding. >> so you went to the cops and what did the cops say some. >> i went to the. -- this particular death occurred in l.a. so i went to l.l.lapd homicide division, turned the tapes over to the homicide detectives. they thought this is the smoking gun, we'll deal with this. a few days passed. i call them, they said, you know, this is 111 years old being we don't vlt resources to deal with this, we're worried about the homicides that happened last night. >> alcor condemns the gross incense different of news media in presenting johnson's stories as news worthy, december crating the memory of ted williams to the great upset of his family who were devastated in a new york courtroom on monday when learning sales of johnson's book would go forward.
8:39 am
alcor says we're clean, you're full of bologna, to which you say -- >> well, they'll claim that because they've got an awful lot to hide. and it's in the book. >> the other thing you say you believe you have been living in fear, fear of what? >> fear of my life. they're fanatics. they've given me death threat, they've followed me from state to state, leaving notes on my vehicle. basically saying, you know, we'll do away with you. >> if this was all true, the thing i find hard to believe, wouldn't prosecutors be beating down their doors to find some sort of malfeasance if all of what you say is true? >> you would think so. and i'm hoping now that this book is out, this book allows me a certain level of protection, i hope. and i hope this does call the lawmakers' attention to what's going on and they really do need to be investigated. >> larry, han thanks very much. you can read an excerpt on our website,
8:40 am
mrz. >> announcer: this portion of the "early show" sponsored by color sensation al from maybelline new york. when it comes to fashion, do you have your own personal style in amanda brooks, contributing editor at has written a guide to creating your own distinct look. her book is called i love your style and she's here to share some tips with it from us. and thank you very much for bringing me my own book. she personalized it for me and i think it's a good analogy of what you believe in. you took something simple and you personalized it. that's what you're saying we should do with our style? >> it was a last minute decision. we didn't plan to sign the book, but it's a nice way to personalize it. and, yes, i think it's important especially in this day and age when we don't necessarily have the resources to buy lots of new clothes. >> but it will take some work to figure out your own style, isn't it? >> yes, it doesn't come for free. you have to study style sglp and you have to make some mistakes along the way. >> in fashion, as in life,
8:41 am
wisdom is gained through trial and error and through mistakes. i think it's important to not be afraid of making mis taktakes. >> even you who knows so much about style has made mistakes. i think we have a picture of one of her fashion don'ts. >> i went to a party at the metropolitan museum a few years ago and i think i took the theme a little bit too literally. >> but this morning we're all about minute miding mistakes, so let's show everybody what you've done. she's brought three iconic looks that she'll show us how to make more cop temporary. when i think of a fashion icon, i think of jackie o. >> and i love all of jackie o's phases, but i think my favorite one is her look from the '70s when she was walking her kids in central park being when she was more candid, out of professional life. and i think the most important thing with classic as i'm demonstrating is making it fresh and modern, which you can do by changing the proportion.
8:42 am
so the jacket is a little more fitted, it's belted. utility jackets are big for spring and that's j crew and then also change the proportion of the jeans by rolling them up and having a high heel with a more casual look is also a great way to reinvent the classic look. >> and i see that all through of your styles, and we'll get to the second in a minute, have belts. what can a belt do for you? >> i think, also, michelle obama has really inspired that trend. but i think a woman showing her waste is always -- and i think belts go up and down and they grow and they shrink depending on the trends. for me, a wider belt is a really nice way to change the proportion of a look and update it. >> when we think of classic bow people ya heemian, we think of michelle phillips. >> it's such a decorative look. that's why i made pomostly blac
8:43 am
with lots of texture. you can pare down and refine a bohemian look by keeping to neutral colors. >> and the eclectic looking we think of kate moss. but you you also were inspired by michelle obama? >> i love how she mixes different color shoes that you don't expect. she was wearing blue shoes in copy hey again. and also that lady like proportion, but you don't have to be entirely lady like. i think it's more youthful to mix tebs churs, wear a bold piece of jewelry. eclectic is about someone who doesn't want to have their look be defined, so it's about mixing different elements together. and that's the the goultimate g create your own look. >> go to our website for information, it's harry, back over to you. one of broadway's pest kept secrets was revealed today. the long awaited sequel to the
8:44 am
"phantom of the opera." not only is the show coming to new york, so is the phantom. cbs news correspondent mark phillips is live in london with the rest of the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, yes. "phantom of the opera" the see get, the idea? the phantom disappointed in love fed up with paris moves as you say to new york. the other idea, there's still money to be made from this phantom idea, although even andrew lloyd webber thinks it's a crazy idea. are you mad to try to replicate this? >> probably. but i really wanted to write the story. everything about musicals for me comes from the story. and my successful musicals i think have always been pretty story rooted. and i was given this wonderful treatment of it two years ago and i thought i can make this work. i always felt there was something about the original phantom that was unfinished
8:45 am
business. ♪ all i want is freedom >> reporter: the idea is the one that's behind every sequel. cash in on the success of the original. but the success of this original is like no other. phantom calls itself simply the most successful musical of all-time. perhaps the most successful entertainment venture ever. it's been seen by an estimated 80 million people, has had 65,000 performances in 25 countries. it has grossed according to its producers $5 billion with a b. there are currently eight productions running around the world. its tunes sound familiar because everybody knows them. well, see if this sounds
8:46 am
familiar. one of the songs from son of phantom, love never dies. ♪ isn't there a risk? you've had this unpress debtsed success, 80 million people, 25 country, all the numbers. isn't there a risk in trying to repeat this or carry it forward of not doing as well, of failing? >> yes, of course, but if you think of a show in those terms, it will fail. if as i did i thought this is fantastic story and i really, really want to write it, all i can do is to do my best as a composer. >> reporter: and if anybody knows how to write hitses, presumably it is andrew lloyd webber. the show opens here in london next spring and in new york next fall and presumably in the rest of the world sometime after that. harry? >> and along with it there will be the certain bell sound,
8:47 am
ka-ching. thank you so much. up next, put away those take outmenus. we've got some incredible asian inspired dishes at home that you can try yourself when we come back. when morning comes in the middle of the night... rooster crow. affects your entire day. to get a good night's sleep, try 2-layer ambien cr. the first layer dissolves quickly to help you fall asleep. and unlike other sleep aids, a second dissolves slowly to help you stay asleep. when taking ambien cr, don't drive or operate machinery. sleepwalking, and eating or driving while not fully
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awake with memory loss for the event as well as abnormal behaviors such as being more outgoing or aggressive than normal, confusion, agitation and halluciations may occur. don't take it with alcohol as it may increase these behaviors. allergic reactions such as shortness of breath, swelling of your tongue or throat may occur and in rare cases may be fatal. side effects may include next-day drowsiness, dizziness, and headache. in patients with depression, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide may occur. if you experience any of these behaviors or reactions contact your doctor immediately. wake up ready for your day-ask your healthcare provider for 2-layer ambien cr.
8:49 am
ming tsai is host of simply ming. >> and he's here to show you simple is the way when it comes to skipping asian dishes. >> we'll fry some wonton, so harry has given up his apron. i like it. >> here's a very simple dish
8:50 am
oig. a combination of wonton skin, wonton skins which when they're crisp look like that. harry has some raw ones. and we'll friday these up. also great pasta to make raviolis. you buy them in the store. they come in packages like that. if you don't mind, take that roasted garlic, put it in. take some parsley, olive oil and organic soy sauce. and i have some beautiful salmon fingers and we'll pan seer slm. it shouldn't fishy. as long as the pan is heated and
8:51 am
you add oil, you'll did a goo i job. see how quickly that cooked? >> how hot is that fan? >> just normal. >> like ten seconds. >> but, again, it would be a travesty to cook it all the way through. >> so easy enough. >> so you have that. now put a piece of wonton. now more puree. >> this is like crazy easy. >> and pretty. this look like a restaurant dish. >> and put a big pile of that parsley on top. and grab within more of these. >> keep stacking. okay. beautiful. >> harry, you're making enough for the crew. that's nice of you. >> and this dish is done. >> premature parsley action. >> that's okay. and put one more on top and
8:52 am
you're done. >> that is beautiful. >> you really did that in 90 seconds. >> we cooked a whole dish right in front of you. >> show us some of the other cool stuff. >> so this is a dijon meatloaf, a potato mash. here is a delicious cranberry coconut chicken curry. you can use chicken or turkey. i like to add pork, as well. it adds great flavor. and a cranberry tart with orange. just flour, butter, that's it. >> we'll put all these easy recipes on the web. simple from simplyming. let's drink to take. >> and in the mean time, poor dave is out in minneapolis this morning completely exhausted. he has his laptop, his twitter
8:53 am
account and we don't know if we're going to see him it tomorrow or not. best of luck, buddy. >> i'm going to try. i will not be defeated, harry and maggie and russ. >> we're rooting for you. good luck. have a great day, everyone. good luck. have a great day, everyone. a health insurance ceo lives here. this year he'll make $57,000 an hour. another family used to live here before they filed for bankruptcy. 62% of personal bankruptcies are caused by medical debt. this man is living his dream while this family lives a nightmare. if the insurance companies win, you lose. we need good health care we can afford with the choice of a public health insurance option.
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i am ready to go this thursday. let's talk about the fantastic weather forecast in place for today. little chilly this morning. we're at 54. 52 hagerstown. 41 garrett county to the west. time lapse tower cam reveals a gorgeous sunrise this morning with fair weather clouds. no problems anticipated today. we're at 54 as i mentioned right now. winds shifted to the southwest. what a difference between this morning's wind and what we were dealing with yesterday. gusts 45 miles an hour. that is not going to send your lawn chair furniture flying today. you should be good to go. highs in the lower 70s.
8:56 am
even back to 69 for the drive home at 5:00. good morning. thanks for joining us. we are five minutes away from the 9:00 hour and our show. hope you join us for that, too. but first talk about the traffic out there and the slow goes to avoid or be aware of. 270 southbound father hurley to the split. you are below speed. we will move over 0 to -- actually keep on 270 approaching democracy watch for an accident. in the district an accident on the southeast-southwest freeway. we will get there. it is on the ohio drive on ramp. ending with i-395, virginia, you are slow from 495 to seminary and pentagon to the 14th street bridge. back to you. seven-day forecast is up. the warming trend gets here tomorrow. but with the clouds we may have a shower in the morning hours but middle east of the rain is held back until saturday, later in the day and sunday morning. for the weekend not so great. don't forget to follow me on
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twitter. i'm weather kim. the 9:00 a.m. show starts after this
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